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1. LEADERSHIP - Develop or apply leadership skills in many needed areas to make BIG a better organization.

2. HELPING OTHERS - Our chapter is both a CFC organization and a donor to all CFC organizations through our ED based fundraising.

3. FRESH INSIGHT - You bring your ability to assess a situation from multiple perspectives and identify key issues to be addressed.

4. COMMUNICATIONS - Bring your listening, oral, writing and creative talents to the Education Chapter and improve our workplace.

5. MANAGEMENT - You develop or apply your management skills to your voluntary tasks, assignments and priorities.

6. INTERPERSONAL ABILITIES - BIG needs your interpersonal skills to work with members helping members to mediate and resolve job and workplace related complaints. You can inspire colleagues to join and participate.

7. Program/Special Project Development & Fundraising - The scholarships we provide is an example of a special program  you can work on to help other Blacks. Although our fundraising for scholarships has been simplified due to our CFC membership, more special projects will require more fiscal support.

8. AWARENESS - Your primary office’s best practices can be shared with members to improve their organizations and grantees. The past Pilot Mentoring Program provided the Chapter with insights into mentoring and coaching.

9. TEAMWORK & TIME – Your teamwork and ability to  collaborate with others are highly valued skills sets.

10. ORGANIZATION SKILLS - Organization building is key to a healthy and productive chapter.   Get involved by working as a committee chair or member, running for office and participating in events.


1. DEDICATED TO YOU – BIG is dedicated to you, the African American public servant.

2. ADVOCACY – BIG advocates for you on the EEO process, racial discrimination, affirmative action and workplace issues.

3.  SUPPORT GROUP – The ED Chapter has a list of attorneys familiar and experienced in workforce issues and ready to be of service to you.

4. A NETWORKING ORGANIZATION –Become a member and meet people from all levels of different government agencies with job leads.

5.  SCHOLARSHIPS – The ED Chapter offers scholarships to college and high school students.  We are also provide scholarship information from other BIG chapters as well as the region and other national organizations.

6. BIG KEEPS YOU INFORMED – BIG publishes a weekly listserv, monthly bulletin, quarterly magazine, regional newsletters and frequent email updates.

7. PROFESSIONAL – The ED Chapter provides an agency forum at the National Training Conference on educational innovations in the nation.

8. BIG IS A COMMUNITY RESOURCE FOR YOU - BIG addresses literacy, K-12 educational issues, and community involvement.

9. BIG RECOGNIZES YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS - Each year awards are given to those who have made a major contribution to the goals and objectives of the organization. These awards can be added to your resume, as you build your career.

10. BIG IS A CHANCE (FOR YOU) TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Work toward achievable and meaningful objectives with a synergetic and diverse team of co-workers who share your common interests and goals.

Remember the past, or be doomed to repeat it.

I remember 1975 and 76; they were my freshmen and sophomore year in high school. Much has changed since those years of bell-bottom pants, afros, and stack heels, although I still dress a little dated every now and then. But much has remained the same. Many of the same issues regarding lack of training and upward mobility passed GS 9 still exist. Gains in civil rights I maintain, is like a new car. If you do not maintain and service that new car, it will age before its time and soon break down. You will still be expected to use that broken down car to get to work, shopping, carry children to school, etc. No one will be sorry because you let your knew car deteriorate. Never mind it may be time for an updated model, everyone will remember how poorly you maintained the previous one. That is why in order to move forward, we have to collectively work together to  maintain and improve upon what we have.

So, here is what BIG does for real.  First, lets start with Professional Development. BIG sponsors the National Training Institute every year. Chapter also works with their agency to develop education, training, and leadership  programs for its members. BIG also provides leadership training for its members.  Second, BIG advocates for membership training, employment, professional development, dispute resolution. Third, chapters sponsors hat, clothing, school supplies drives. We also have adopt schools, mentor students, and provide scholarships to students as well as sponsor Oratorical and STEM competitions for high school students. Fourth, BIG provides EEO assistance, guidance, and workshop training.  

Finally, in answering what can BIG do for me, I ask, this question: What knowledge, skills, and abilities can you share with BIG to assist others in developing professionally and personally? Honestly, what you give to BIG directly corresponds to what you get from BIG. BIG is about the positive advancement of its members both professionally and personally. BIG is about Giving Back. BIG is about understanding If you want change in your life, YOU have to invest in that change. No organization can fulfill your needs if you neither speak up nor step up for yourself. BIG keeps you from standing alone. So, let’s do this.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

~ African proverb