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CFC contributions to the Education Chapter of BIG entirely funds the annual Academic Scholarship (#21990)

Dear ED employees:

All are invited  to consider a donation to the ED Chapter of BIG’s scholarship fund through the CFC. Our  organizational code is 21990 and our description of the use of funds is on page 93 of the attached catalog. This is our major source of scholarship funds and I urge each of you to consider a pledge of bi-weekly contributions, even in the smallest amount, so that we can award and assist students with their expenses for college studies. I am making this appeal early because of the many charities that will be competing for your time and consideration.  We  have a separate savings account for CFC deposits to ensure there is no com-mingling of money. As you make your donations, please indicate your name so we can recognize you properly for your contributions. There is no amount that is too small. We welcome all givers.

Many thanks, in advance, for both considering this request and for spreading our BIG message in support of our students.


Best wishes,



Wanda E. Gill, Ed.D.


ED Chapter, Blacks In Government

Room 4W248

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, D.C. 20202

Telephone: (202) 401-1857

The 2014 Recipients

of the Department of Education (BIG) Scholarships

Support Student Scholarship with CFC Contribution: BIG Dept. Of Ed. #: 21990

2014 Recipients of Department of Education.pdf

Click Here or on the picture above to view the 2014 scholarships recipients and have yet another reason to be a part of the BIG experience.